Jeremy de Constantin

Albert Einstein’s famous line certainly rings true with the many owners I have worked with over the years: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

If you are a business owner stuck in a rut, then Einstein’s quote will likely resonate with you as well.

Where is your company on the spectrum of challenges below?

Peak Business Value

CEOs and Owners struggle to meet these 5 challenges to build peak value in their companies.

1. Survival

Survival challenges can be external or internal. External challenges come from changes in the economy, competitor’s actions, industry disruption, pricing challenges, customer issues, not to mention Black Swan events like COVID19! Internal challenges include weak strategy, high staff turnover, poor decisions, ill-defined processes & unintegrated systems, and lack of capital.

2. Value (Scale) Trap

Often owners cannot increase enterprise value doing the same old same old. I will help you devise a strategy that will build value over the next 3-5 years and allow you (if that is the goal) to sell and retire. A strategy attractive to buyers, lenders, or investors.

3. Decision Making

Owners of mid-large private companies benefit from having a forum where major business decisions are put to the test. Important decisions made in a vacuum can negatively impact your long-term success and enterprise value. I will help you pull together a professional advisory board - a forum for truly testing your thinking.

4. Alignment & Execution

Does your business have “one voice” cascading from top to bottom? Many of my clients are not aligned on strategy & goals, purpose, investment options and even core values. Leading to inefficiencies, misspent capital, products that add little value and staff turnover. I can help you pull together an ‘operating system’ that achieves alignment & accountability.

5. Exit Plan

While you may not aim to exit your business, you should nevertheless plan for an exit. What is attractive about your business, who would it attract and what needs to change to increase its value? Such as scalability, brand equity, a bankable management team and strong earnings power in the future. Just some of the factors I would help you work on in building peak enterprise value in your business.

I have spent the past 25+ years helping business owners break free of these 5 traps.

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Sector experience

  • banking ( retail + corporate )
  • manufacturing
  • professional services
  • information technology (software & services)
  • construction ( commercial )
  • specialised equipment hire
  • farming ( broadacre: livestock & cropping )
  • meat processing
  • scientific services
  • public & private hospitals & aged care
  • materials handling
  • medical research institutes