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I work with senior managersand CEOs of underperforming small publicly-listed companies in the Asia Pacific region.

My work is focused on helping motivated managers turnaround their Company, from mediocre to become a high-performer.

  • Financials – prior to any other work,we ensure the business is on a solid financial footing. Including a Financial Dashboard that demonstrates financial strength, every month.
  • People – underperformance is invariably a function of the wrong people in the wrong seats. We provide the tools and guidance to help managers get the right people in the right seats.
  • Vision – our Vision model comprises Core Values that relate to the people, a concrete Purpose to steer the ship and bigger audacious Goals to work toward over time. The managers roll-out their Vision face-to-face. Then it is embedded in internal processes, including recruitment.
  • Strategy – a vague strategy is a killer. Starting from the top (incl. the Board) our Strategy process is a tight documentation of Where to Play and How to Win. This focus wins profitable work.
  • Measurement – good data is often a weakness for Companies. We make sure that only measures (KPIs) that matter are published and visible to the relevant people and teams.
  • Execution – another weakness in many businesses. Our Teamwork platform addresses sloppy execution. Business plans in Teamwork are tight and failure to execute is exposed.

Client motivation is obviously crucial.

If you would like a chat, please call me (Jeremy de Constantin) direct on +61 402 242 670.

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