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I work with senior managers and CEOs of underperforming small publicly-listed and larger private companies in the Asia Pacific region. A former CEO & Chairman, I have been helping managers extract even better performance than they get already. Adding more money to the wallets of investors and shareholders. In certain situations, I directly invest my own funds.


Few leadership teams have their finger on the financial pulse of the business. I fix that immediately with a Financial Dashboard that publishes the key financial fundamentals.


Have you a game changer in all the key roles? Underperformance is invariably due to having the wrong people in the wrong seats. I help managers get the right people in the right seats.


Good people will desert a Company that lacks a compelling purpose & vision. I fix this. Vision comprises Core Values, a concrete Purpose and bigger audacious Goals. Rollout and buy-in is crucial.


Vague Strategy is a killer. Doing lots of stuff is inefficient and costly. My Strategy process provides focus. I identify Where to Play and How to Win. This focus wins profitable work!


Most data is historical and financially focussed. I provide a balance of leading and lagging KPIs & financial and non-financial KPIs. Only KPIs that matter are published – visible to all people/teams.


‘We have tried this before’ is a common response when I first start on an improvement program. My Teamwork software fixes sloppy execution. Failure to execute is exposed.

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