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Welcome to deConstantin
Business Advisory

Based in Sydney Australia, we are a team of specialists with over 25 years' experience in business turnarounds, business exits and capital raising, assisting companies that expect to transition in the next 3-5 years, with annual revenues of around $15m and above.

Our experience is that many mid-tier private companies drift along from day-to-day without a viable exit strategy – and are unaware of the many transition alternatives available that could optimise their retirement, or future plans. You can find the 8 main transition options explained here.

In one case, the owners quite deliberately wound down what had been a successful distribution business and put the business into liquidation; with the correct advice and preparation,they could have sold the business for many millions of dollars.

Our mission is to deliver an exit to owners that allows them to retire in a manner that maintains their current lifestyle. Receiving a payout that is commensurate with the time, effort and money invested in their business over many years.

Once we have an exit strategy in place, we then ready the business for a transition. And what this readiness is, is driven by the type of exit strategy that is planned - preparation for a family transfer differs vastly from how we prepare a business for a trade sale, for instance.

Where the exit strategy is a trade sale or public listing, we typically optimise the value of the business well in advance of the transition. Our optimisation program takes between 6 months to 24 months, depending on the health of the business at the time of our engagement.

In some projects, we introduce investors to provide the necessary capital to grow the pie for all shareholders at transition time.

Our optimisation program embeds the people, processes and systems that ensure sustainable value for a future transition.

In fact, we recently turned around a financially-distressed agricultural services business in regional NSW – liquidation value when we engaged of around $2m – and sold it to a European listed company for $11.5m. This project took 24 months.

In another recent project, we prepared a $25m revenue orthopaedic manufacturer in Western Sydney for sale and attracted a US-based private equity firm that bought 80% of the company in the first instance and the balance over an earn-out period of 2 years. This project took 18 months.

We are currently engaged in turning around a large NSW agricultural group and a family-owned manufacturer of recreational vehicles.

If you are considering a transition in the next 3-5 years, contact Jeremy for a confidential chat via the Contacts page.