Vision is what pulls at our emotions and creates desire to challenge the status quo – Steven DuPuis, Founder of the DuPuis Group –

When you started your business, what kind of thoughts and emotions did you have about where you wanted it to go and how you would go about achieving your vision? Did you have these thoughts at all, or were you focused purely on the present and doing whatever needed to be done in the moment?

Ultimately, if your business isn’t growing, it’s stagnating which, in this day of accelerating disruption, inevitably will lead to contraction and decline.

The fundamental differentiator between a business that continues to grow and reaches the next level of its development and one that stagnates and declines is vision – such as the Preston Hire Group, an Australian company on a global growth trajectory.

vision canvas

Why have certain companies, like Apple, remained relevant while others such as Kodak devolved into utter obsolescence after years of global pre-eminence? The answer isn’t resources, or luck, or marketing – it’s vision, or, in the Kodak case, a lack thereof. Apple’s leadership, often touted as the pinnacle of modern corporate excellence, had the foresight to innovate, adapt to changing circumstances and ultimately to drive change and remain relevant despite a tech industry that looks barely recognisable to the one it entered decades ago. Kodak on the other hand, had leaders who couldn’t imagine a world where film wasn’t the dominant method of shooting pictures. They had leaders who lacked vision and as a result they faded into obsolescence while the rest of world was going digital.

It’s clear that a lack of vision can cripple your company and its ability to grow. Contrarily, a company whose leadership has a clear vision of where it wants the company to go and how it plans on getting there is a company with vitality, vigour and limitless potential.

While “having a vision” for your business may seem like an abstract concept, the reality is that a proper company vision is as much about having exceptional ideas as it is about putting those ideas into action and integrating them into every facet of your company’s operations. Vision, and the business growth it inevitably and necessarily generates, isn’t just about ideas, it’s about actionable ideas that will, if implemented correctly, get your company to the next stage of its development.

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