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Jeremy de Constantin

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Core Values alignment is the foundation of a successful business relationship. The glue that binds. And so, you should know about my Core Values, in particular the one Value that will go to the heart of us working together.


Most external advisors will go along with whatever the fee-paying client says.  That’s not what you get from me! That is inauthenticity. I strive to tell it straight and similarly, I expect the same from clients.  Telling the truth, no matter how uncomfortable, is refreshingly powerful. When I am engaged by you, I have that responsibility.

Anything else is plain wrong and does damage in the long run. The overwhelming majority of my clients show me respect for this; once in 25 years, have I been shown the door for telling it straight.

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As CEO, you want confidence in my expertise to add quantifiable value. And that I will not create unnecessary disruption, internally. My value-add comes from the experience I have had as an Investor, a CEO, Management Consultant and my overall style of operating.

Investor – I understand the fundamentals of what makes a Company attractive to an investor, banker or a trade buyer. I can help increase that attractiveness in your Company.

CEO – I understand the complex and stressful challenges faced by CEOs internally and externally, micro and macro. I can help ease the load of a high-performing CEO.

Management Consultant – I have built and implemented a proven program to accelerate Performance Improvement in your Company. Across manufacturing, agricultural, financial services, retail, engineering, healthcare, aged care, professional services, construction and family business. I can help extract even more performance than you have already.

Chair & Advisory Board Member – This experience has helped me understand how many Advisory Boards fall short. I have developed a program for Professional Advisory Boards that works.

Personality / Style – The capacity to genuinely relate at all levels in a business, from non-English speaking factory workers to the CEO and board, is not so easy to do. I have this capacity.

I have a rounded education that serves my clients well. An acute understanding of both the soft and hard drivers of high performing enterprises.


Family Business School

I left school early to work in our family agribusiness. This I consider my greatest education. Lots of tough and not much love to be found in abattoirs, primary production, transport and retail. This qualification from the school of hard knocks helps me immensely in dealing with the complexities in any Company.

Accounting & Finance Studies

After 17 years of working in our family business, I returned to studies and completed a Bachelor of Economics with an Accounting major at Macquarie University, with arguably the best finance faculty in Australia. I know my way around a set of accounts, especially as I invest directly in listed companies.

Creative Problem Solving

Working with Dr Min Basadur (former Proctor & Gamble) I worked in North America, whilst getting a qualification in Creative Problem Solving at the Ball State University in Indiana. I have used the same process extensively in all my work since. In solving many different business problems across many sectors. People, process, customer and financial problems. I can show you how to implement Innovation across your entire Enterprise.

Check out my Testimonials.