Professional Advisory Board


Let the best in your industry help fulfill your company’s potential

You love the company you run. However, despite your best efforts, it’s not performing nearly as well as you know it can. You truly believe in its potential, but realise you may need help from external experts to take it to the next level.

If only you had access to experienced, successful people who have been there and done that. Industry leaders you can learn from and who can guide you in making the right decisions for your business.

Setting up a Professional Advisory Board for your company may well provide the solution you are looking for. And we’ll help you with that.

At deConstantin Business Advisors, we specialise not only in finding the right advisory board members for companies, but also in guiding and monitoring the entire process and ensuring businesses get the best possible results from their board.

What is a Professional Advisory Board?

A Professional Advisory Board is a dedicated panel of experts set up by a company, consisting of former CEOs and key executives with industry knowledge. The board members bring experience, contacts and constructive feedback to the company owner and his or her management team.

A good Professional Advisory Board will provide the thinking required to get your business to the next level.

What does NOT constitute a good advisory board is when it consists of a group of insiders (such as your accountant, lawyer or family members), a gathering of mates from the golf club, or a statutory board with fiduciary responsibilities, liabilities or authority.

Let us help you source and select the right board members for your business. That is what we do and we do it well.

What does a Professional Advisory Board do?

A carefully chosen Professional Advisory Board consists of wise, successful and independent business people who are committed to your business success.

They will help you with many of the issues you face as company owner or CEO, such as:

  • Grow sales and profitability
  • Position your company to be an attractive acquisition target
  • Facilitate and mediate a family transition
  • Provide wise counsel to the CEO – a personal sounding board
  • Help raise capital – debt or equity
  • Mediate shareholder issues – including issues around family members
  • Devise a growth strategy either organically or externally via acquisition
  • Increase accountability

Take advantage of our fully guided PAB program

Finding the best people for your board and getting the most out of their involvement isn’t an easy task. But at deConstantin, we have been managing this process for many years for a wide variety of companies, with excellent results.

Our unique Professional Advisory Board (PAB) program involves attracting the very best candidates specific to your business and industry, managing expectations and accountabilities and implementing the correct structure for growth and sustainability.

We help:

  • engage the very best board members and ensure a fit to your current mandate
  • ensure they share your vision and values
  • publish a charter to keep the board on task
  • keep your board refreshed as new thinking is required
  • workshop with the board a strategy that focuses you on where to play and how to win
  • build the executive dashboards to monitor strategy, and
  • monitor the performance of the board members.

Our guarantee to you

If you fully commit to our PAB process, we guarantee you a 3-10 times payback to normalised pre-tax profit on your investment with deConstantin, after 2 years of operating with a PAB.

Considering an advisory board? Talk to us first

If you are considering an advisory board, please talk to us first. For best results, we need to be involved from the very beginning.

If we aren’t called in until a board has already been appointed, it is very difficult to undo what has been done.

Call or email us, or leave a message using the form below, and we will tell you more about our Professional Advisory Board program and how it can help you take your business to the next level.

Reasons to set up a Professional Advisory Board

These are some of the many reasons company owners decide to adopt a Professional Advisory Board:

  • Smarter decisions
    “I want to make consistently good decisions, but I have no peers to talk to or to tell me if I am headed in the wrong direction.”
  • Coach with more teeth
    “I tried a personal business coach, but needed something with more teeth.”
  • Help setting company vision
    “It’s getting harder to attract quality people. We need an inspirational vision that attracts top people and retains them.”
  • Change or go bust
    “We needed to change the way we did business. If we had not, we could have failed. We needed outside ideas and strong mentors to push us to change.”
  • Preparing the company for sale
    “We wanted to sell the business on the best terms possible. It took 3 years, but the advisory board got us there by pushing us to design an exit plan and make the tough decisions.”

Who are our clients?

We work with medium to large-sized public and private companies with driven, respectful owners and CEOs who are open to external wisdom and who believe that skilled and motivated people are the key to their success.

They recognise that making positive changes in the company is only possible by inspiring and enabling people company-wide to play their part and grow sustainable business value.

Tools that drive our PAB program

The program is largely driven by two valuable tools that are unique to deConstantin: our Sustainable Value Wheel and ScoreTrak® dashboard software.

The Sustainable Value Wheel is a framework built around your company’s attributes. It enables an advisory board to drive a process leading to high ratings for each of those attributes.

ScoreTrak® is a secure cloud software platform that we developed to track progress during change programs. It brings crucial data to the surface so everyone in the company can see how their actions contribute to the company’s goals, top to bottom.

Sustainable Value Wheel

deConstantin’s unique Sustainable Value Wheel framework enables an advisory board to help you achieve higher ratings for your company’s attributes.

ScoreTrak® Software

ScoreTrak® is deConstantin’s proprietary cloud software platform – a valuable tool we use in our Professional Advisory Board programs to take companies to the next level.