Professional Advisory Board

Do you need a Professional Advisory Board?

Business owners decide to adopt a Professional Advisory Board to reap a range of benefits, including:

  • Change or Bust
    “If we didn’t change the way we ran our business, we’d fail. So, we needed external insight and strong mentors to drive that innovation forward.”
  • A Step Beyond Coaching
    “I tried a personal business coach, but I needed something with more teeth.”
  • Smarter Decisions
    “I wanted to make better commercial decisions, but I lacked peers who could brainstorm and advise on whether I might be heading in the wrong direction.”
  • Vision Planning
    “We’re finding it harder to attract top talent, and we needed a stronger Vision to interest and retain the best of the best.”
  • Preparation for Divesting
    “To sell the business under the best possible terms, we needed a board of impartial industry experts to ask tough questions and push us in the right direction for a lucrative exit.”

Let your industry’s best push your enterprise toward its full potential.

You love your company, and it shows. Yet despite your best efforts, it struggles to perform as well as it could. With so much potential at stake, impartial experts might be key to viewing operations from the outside in and ultimately fulfilling your Vision.

A Professional Advisory Board can provide just that. The only problem being, how does one locate experienced, successful professionals who’ve been there and done that—leaders who can step in and provide the unbiased guidance you need to help in making the right decisions to ensure the longevity and prosperity of your company?

This is where I step in, able to not only source industry leaders for your advisory board, but also guide and monitor the entire process to ensure you get the best possible results.


What is a Professional Advisory Board?

A Professional Advisory Board is a dedicated panel of experts,consisting of former CEOs and key executives with knowledge in your specific industry. Board members bring owners and executive teams a unique blend of experience, contacts, and insight to help steer operations.

A solid Professional Advisory Board can provide the impartial input needed to take your business to the next level—input you simply can’t get from biased or partisan insiders like in-house accountants, legal counsel, personal associates, mates at the golf club, or a statutory board with fiduciary responsibilities and liabilities.

What does a Professional Advisory Board do?

The board can offer counsel to the CEO, act as a personal sounding board, and help when addressing the myriad of issues faced by leaders of a company, such as:

  • Grow revenues and profitability.
  • Position your company to be an attractive acquisition target.
  • Facilitate and mediate a family transition.
  • Raise capital, debt, or equity.
  • Mediate shareholder issues including those involving family members.
  • Devise a growth strategy, either organically or externally via acquisition.
  • Increase accountability.

Take advantage of our guided program

My Professional Advisory Board program is designed to attract the best candidates specific to your business and industry, while managing expectations and accountabilities. I then work with clients to implement the correct structure for growth and sustainability.

I can help:

  • Engage the best board members and ensure each fits your mandate
  • Ensure new members share in your Vision and Values
  • Publish a charter to keep board members on task
  • Refresh board members when new thinking is needed
  • Workshop a strategy that focuses you on “where to play and how to win”
  •  Instal Executive dashboards to monitor strategy
  • Monitor board member performance.

Please contact Jeremy to schedule a confidential chat to see if a Professional Advisory Board might add value.