Our 3rd Focus Area


With a robust financial platform and the right people on board, the business is now ready for strategy.

Do you know where to play and how to win in the customer niche that is both great to deal with and prepared to pay handsomely for your products and services?

Do you have the core capabilities and systems to execute on this strategy?

There are many owners who misunderstand the term ‘strategy’– often considered as being theoretical.

A Play-to-Win Strategy is anything but theoretical. It is entirely grounded in reality and in fact crucial for any business, no matter the size. If a business is playing second fiddle to a competitor and falling further behind, the competitor is most likely dancing to a Play-to-Win Strategy and dominating the industry.

What we do in this phase of the optimisation program is uncover the ideas that will enable the business to leapfrog the competition and start leading not following – where to play and how to win. Most owners look at who is the market leader and then copy them. Playing-to-Win is a new mindset for these owners.

You can download a PDF brochure on our Play-to-Win Strategy below.