7) Service / Parts

Performance Optimisation Program – Manufacturing

Step 7: Service / Parts

In this step we address issues that may exist in the Service & Parts teams and then work on optimising performance.

The Service & Parts Team

We identify square pegs in round holes – i.e. bad hires and consistent underperformers

We develop exit and recruitment strategies.

We sign-off on Job Scorecards for key roles in the section (e.g. Parts Manager) and metrics that ensure high performers stay that way.

Service & Parts Optimisation

We utilise our model for performance optimisation to address the priority problems in the section. See below.

Performance Optimization Model

Important deliverables for this step include:

  1. Service & Parts Scorecard
  2. Checklists
  3. Training Plans
  4. Service & Parts Optimisation Project Plan ( by month )