Our 1st Focus Area


One issue we find time and time again is that owners and shareholders don’t have the visibility they should have into their financial accounts. Few owners of mid-tier private businesses are trained accountants; this can breed complacency within the accounts team and slack processes and reporting. Or worse, as we discovered with one recent client, fraud.

On our team are chartered accountants and an investment banking analyst who undertake a thorough examination of the accounts to ensure the numbers stack up. Also, that the business is compliant with its statutory obligations. In one case, we found a clear breach of the GST laws in relation to the timing of income. In another, as referred above, fraudulent activity over many years by the Financial Controller.

We also value the business with our own set of proprietary valuation tools. This valuation provides a baseline for growing the business during and beyond our engagement. We re-measure the business valuation every six months to ensure value is accruing to the shareholders.

We also publish a baseline dashboard of financial metrics in our own software, ScoreTrak®.

Note – if the business has any financial distress, we go deeper into the financials.

Aside from assuring financial strength in the business, other benefits to accrue at this stage include cost reductions, improved cash flow, asset and loan restructuring and a thorough analysis of inventories, receivables and payables.