2) Financial

Performance Optimisation Program – Manufacturing

Step 2: Financial

In this step we address issues that may exist in the Financial team and then work to free up Cash.

The Financial Team

We identify square pegs in round holes – i.e. bad hires and consistent underperformers.

We develop exit and recruitment strategies.

We sign-off on Job Scorecards for key roles (e.g. Financial Controller) and metrics that ensure high performers stay that way.

Cash Acceleration

We increase cashflow via multiple strategies such as old-fashioned stretching, obvious inventory opportunities, debt forgiveness, conversions, extended terms, expense cuts and ongoing ideas to reduce the Cash Conversion Cycle.

Important deliverables for this step include:

  1. Skills Attitude Report
  2. Job Scorecards (Key roles)
  3. Culture Report
  4. HR Metrics
  5. Cashflow Forecast
  6. Executive Dashboard (Financial metrics)