Performance Improvement

For Owners keen to extract higher performance & drive up Enterprise Value

I work with senior managers and CEOs of underperforming medium to large private companies in the Asia Pacific region. I have been helping managers with performance optimisation for approx. 25 years.   

I use the following process, illustrated below:

Performance Improvement

Performance Improvement Program

Quick Self-Diagnosis

Financial Foundations

Debt - carrying too much? Always running out of cash? Shareholders getting a good ROE?

Right People

Do you have the right people doing the right job, right? Are there game changers in ALL key positions?


Do you have a clear Vision that has been communicated to everyone? Is it reinforced regularly?


Is everyone aware of your Strategy? Especially Where to Play and How to Win, for each business unit.


Is there a culture of plan the work and work the plan? Are KPIs presented clearly to everyone? Are people accountable?

Cash Management

Investors love lots of cash! Are you managing cash efficiently? Are you accelerating your Cash Conversion Cycle?

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