Performance Improvement

Boost Performance and Enterprise Value

For more than a quarter century, I’ve helped executives and CEOs within underperforming mid- to large-sized private companies in the Asia Pacific region optimise performance, cash flow, profit margins, and valuations.

My process follows the following 12- to 36-month timeline and concentrates on 5 core interdependent areas for improvement.

Performance Improvement Program

How I Help

Financial Foundations

I scrutinise your 3 key financial statements—balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and cashflow statement. My aim, in the shortest possible time, is to strengthen your balance sheet, maximise earnings (profits), and make sure the business has plenty of cash to grow.

Right People

I assess personnel, determining whether they’re right for the job and if you have the strongest ‘game-changers’ in key positions.


I review your Vision, evaluating whether it’s reinforced regularly and effectively, as well as the way it is being communicated to staff.


I examine your business strategy and see if business units understand and execute on their 'where to play' and 'how to win' strategies.


I help you build a culture of “plan the work and work the plan”, where KPIs are clearly presented, and personnel are held accountable for targets.

Cash Management

I investigate cash management—ensuring investors earn strong returns, cash is managed efficiently, and your cash conversion cycle is optimised.

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