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Once you’re deep in the forest, it’s hard to see the trees. Most CEOs and business owners get too close to operations to effectively steer their company away from the bigger challenges they face.

At deConstantin Advisory, I help executives and business owners pinpoint issues in their company that often escape the insider. I’ve been devising sustainable solutions that have helped clients get unstuck, boost profit margins, and increase valuations prior to exit, since 1996.

I have categorised my 25 years of experience with these bigger challenges, into 5 categories, below. You may be facing one or more of these right now.

Peak Business Value

1. Survival

Are you stuck in business survival mode, too absorbed in fending off external threats ( e.g., the economy, competition, positioning, customer departures, Acts of God ) or internal threats ( e.g., weak strategy, employee turnover, internal process issues, capital limitations ) to move forward? Any of these can kill a company.

2. Value (Scale) Trap

Have you followed the same strategy year on year and find Enterprise Value has stalled? I can devise a growth strategy to build value over time, positioning your company favourably for buyers, lenders, and investors to ensure a profitable exit, whenever you choose to sell or retire.

3. Decision Making

Do you rely on insiders or partisan players for guidance on major business decisions? I can establish a professional advisory board and liaise with leaders in your industry to bring them into the fold—inviting opportunities for strategic advocacy and guidance that can help to hone your focus and help you make consistently good commercial decisions.

4. Alignment & Execution

Family-owned businesses may not have the “one voice”, from owners to management. I can help you better align that voice under one unified Vision and set of Values so that everyone is in sync on the company’s goals, purpose, Vision, Values, and even ethics—creating alignment, execution momentum, and ultimately boosting your bottom line.

5. Exit Plan

Whether you’re looking to sell or not, business owners and CEOs owe it to themselves to have a clear plan that drives Enterprise Value and makes their company attractive to investors and buyers. I can fortify a range of factors — from innovation and product demand to stewardship and balance sheet strength—positioning your company for a smooth transition and strong end game.

Sectors of competence:

  • Banking
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Professional Services
  • IT Software and Services
  • Commercial Construction
  • Specialised Equipment Hire
  • Broadacre Farming and Livestock
  • Food Processing
  • Scientific Services
  • Medical Research
  • Public/Private Hospitals and Aged Care
  • Materials Handling

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