Financial Turnaround & Profitable Growth

Once we confirm with you that there is Financial stability and strength in the business, the very first aspect of your business we turn to is People.

On your ‘boat’ you will likely have Rowers, Passengers and hopefully few Drillers. Drillers are trying to drill holes in your boat and are quickly let go. Fire fast and hire slow is the rule.

Passengers, provided they show signs of becoming Rowers, are retained. Those that don’t show signs must be let go.

As Coach I become quite involved at this stage as most CEOs and Owners are uncomfortable with confrontation.

Once done, a team of Rowers will make your job as CEO or Owner so much easier.

I have been coaching CEOs and Owners for over 25 years and the success or otherwise of any change initiative always comes down to having the right people doing the right things right.

Following are the 5 steps involved in the fully-documented Financial Turnaround & Profitable Growth coaching program.

1. Financial
2. People
3. Vision & Strategy
4. Execution
5. Cash Flow Management