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Performance Improvement Program

For managers & CEOs of Enterprises
aspiring to higher performance

I work with senior managers and CEOs of underperforming small publicly-listed companies in the Asia Pacific region.

My work is focused on helping motivated managers turnaround their Company,from mediocre, to become a high-performer.

I use the following roadmap to keep each project on the rails:

A Strong End Game

Some questions for you to ponder:

  • Financial Foundations – do you have any issues surrounding the financial fundamentals of your Company? Or, concerns about the jockey?
  • Right People – do you have the right people doing the right job right? Are there game changers in ALL your key positions?
  • Vision& Strategy– has a clear Vision (values, purpose and big goals) been properly communicated and embedded into all corners of the Enterprise? Is everyone in the Enterprise aware of Where to Play and How to Win? And equally importantly, Where not to Play?
  • Execution & Discipline – is there a culture of plan the work and work the plan? Are KPIs presented clearly to teams and individuals? Are people held accountable for their targets?
  • Cash Management – investors adore loads of Cash – don’t we all? Is your Company managing its Cash efficiently? Are you proactively accelerating your Cash Conversion Cycle through the Enterprise?

If these questions triggered some troubling thoughts, then you might like to download our more comprehensive diagnostic (below) and evaluate your Enterprise in greater detail.