The STEG Program


STEG enables everyone in your company
to increase Enterprise Value
  • Anyone can buy a business – yet few know how to maximise their Cash on exit. With STEG you will join an exclusive club.
  • I guarantee a minimum 5 times payback on your investment. The best payback I have recorded in 20 years was 30 times.
  • STEG is a process that increases Enterprise Value:
    • Right People in the right seats.
    • Vision that inspires everyone.
    • Strategy that defines where to play and how to win.
    • Processes & Discipline to execute.
    • Cash runway to fund the growth.
    • A viable Transition/Exit Plan.
Financial Foundations
  • Are there any issues around the financial fundamentals of the business? Payables, receivables, debt levels, cash reserves, etc.
  • Have you modelled your plans for profitable growth and is everyone in the business clear and accountable regards their role in driving Enterprise Value?
  • Are you fulfilling your statutory obligations for Financial Reporting, in accordance with The Corporations Act (2001)?
Right People
  • Are their game-changers in all your key positions?
  • Who are the rowers, the passengers and the drillers in your company?
  • Do you have the right people doing the right jobs right – and all sharing your core values (internally, board & externally)?
Vision & Strategy
  • Is there a clear Vision in writing that has been properly communicated and is shared by everyone?
  • Are your core values clear, and are you hiring, reviewing, rewarding and firing around them?
  • Is everyone in the company aware of your Strategy – where to play and how to win?
Execution & Discipline
  • Is there a culture of plan the work AND work the plan?
  • Does everyone have a target – a performance metric – that they are held accountable for?
  • Are your main systems and processes documented, simple and followed by all? Are your processes drama free?
Cash Management
  • Do you closely manage your cash and are you actively accelerating your Cash Conversion Cycle?
  • Do you have a (relevant) budget and are you monitoring it regularly?
  • Investors love companies with lots of cash. Are you in surplus or deficit?
Transition / Exit
  • Have you fully explored your options for the most appropriate exit – transition strategy?
  • Have you agreed a clear end-game with owners & leadership?
  • Do you have succession & management development plans in place?