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Net Promoter Score

The One Number You Need to Grow

We have used the Net Promoter Score in all our Change programs for clients, since the method was introduced in 2003 by Fred Reichheld at Bain & Company.  Fred published his work in the Harvard Business Review in an article, the “One Number You Need to Grow”.  

More than 2/3rds of Fortune 1000 companies have since adopted Fred’s tool.

At deConstantin, we use the NPS after every project. And we publish the live result on our Home Page.

An NPS of 50+ is outstanding.

In short, the Net Promoter measures customer loyalty between you and your customer using just one single number. The simplicity of the methodology is brilliant.

We have found that the tool encourages your people, especially the sales team, to go the extra mile and it highlights problems early – such as product defects – before these problems escalate and potentially go viral.

Our process for implementation is entirely on-line – no paper and pencil required. We also feedback results to clients via our ScoreTrak dashboard – we encourage clients to display their NPS on large screens throughout the workplace.

All this information comes with a couple of important caveats. Owners & Managers need be open to candid feedback from customers, and secondly, act on the data quickly.

If you would like a trial run with the Net Promoter Score survey, all we need is a file with customer emails and their first name, (and an NDA of course).