If you firmly believe in this title, then that’s great, read on.

If not convinced, I hope this article sets you straight. I will demonstrate that sound data management – and its cousin problem solving – can be fun! And incredibly rewarding, personally and financially.

I wrote this memorandum for a true believer. A CEO of a listed NZ company who needs little convincing about the importance of data. In her quest to be No. 1 in her industry.

The CEO also asked me to jot down some words that would help persuade her leadership team on the merits of the project – Data is Better.

The memo is in 3 sections:

  1. About ScoreTrak®
  2. Why?
  3. How?

I have removed any reference to the company name and replaced it with XYZ.

About ScoreTrak®

ScoreTrak® is a secure on-line software program. It visually displays (only) the key measures for a business. It has been developed by Jeremy de Constantin over a 15+ year period. While working with teams in all sorts of businesses to extract even more performance than they already have.

ScoreTrak® started life with the Nursing Directorate at St Vincent’s Private Hospital in Sydney, circa 2004.

The aim with ScoreTrak® has always been to connect people at the coal face with measures that they have direct control over.  Measures when targeted, increase overall performance of the business.

Prior to ScoreTrak®, the Nursing Unit Managers (NUMs) were emailed a monthly Profit and Loss report. Which, to most NUMs, meant very little. Where do you start to make any concrete improvements, when all you have is a P&L?

ScoreTrak® provided the NUMs and their teams a visual display (TV screens in meeting rooms, each level of the hospital) to call up important measures like: Length of Stay, Patient Falls and Medication Errors. Even response times to the bedside call bell.  When people can die in bed unattended, measures like Response Time to Call Bell, sure matter. A lot more than a P&L Report!

Then, each nursing team went about solving problems and implementing great ideas. Based on the data that meant something to them and which they could control.

The success of this project was also predicated on the hospital’s first-class leadership. Especially their enthusiastic Director of Nursing.

Why ScoreTrak® for XYZ?

  • ScoreTrak® opens the books and will have us all on the one page. The only way for us to be the Top 1 or 2 ranked firm in NZ.
  • More holistic and balanced. Not just Financial measures, but People measures, Process measures and Customer measures.
  • ScoreTrak® declutters data and makes management simpler. Less is more. We can focus on bite-size pieces, rather than being overwhelmed with too much information.
  • Introduces healthy competition within and across our teams, via leaderboards. Teams get to know how other teams are tracking.
  • An opportunity to recognise great performance and confront underperformance.

How will we make sure ScoreTrak® works?

We will take a multi-faceted approach. One that maximizes our chances that ScoreTrak® is a success for XYZ. We will approach this project from a few different angles. Many projects rely on training alone, but this rarely works on its own.

  • Leadership at XYZ leads by example and actively participates in ScoreTrak® problem solving sessions – CRITICAL
  • Key to ScoreTrak® is solving problems and implementing ideas. We need to ensure time is allowed/encouraged for people to process ScoreTrak®, above and beyond their current busy schedules. Allow time for people to THINK!
  • Recognise everyone’s contribution to the project. Including Bianca who loads the data. She needs to be recognised for her important contribution. Data needs to be always fresh and up to date.
  • Data is regular and timely. Weekly refreshes in some instances, will be great for XYZ.
  • Train everyone on how ScoreTrak® works from start to finish – starts with data upload through to implementing improvement ideas and evaluating the results.
  • Encourage teams to help each other.
  • Make sure the environment is conducive to creativity – meeting rooms for instance with TV screens, think about colours and décor conducive to creativity, decluttered work areas are very important too.
  • Thread ScoreTrak® into the formal rewards & recognition program and individual’s job descriptions.
  • Keep it simple and don’t allow ScoreTrak® to grow too big. Resist the urge to “add just one more measure”.
  • Get the right team leaders right, from the get-go.
  • Recognise team performance and individual performance, not just individual performance.
  • Every measure has the ONE owner. When two or more people are accountable for a measure, no one is accountable.
  • People who own the measure are fully involved in the target setting process.
  • Performance to target is recognised. Underperformance is addressed with coaching and other forms of assistance. Continued underperformance is confronted with honesty.

If you would like to discuss how this project may apply to your business, or if your data management processes are not working that well, drop me a note.