Are your financial fundamentals in order?

Sound financial management is a given for any business. It is the foundation for a business that wants to prosper.

The trouble is that for many private businesses –  not subject to regular audits – their financials are not in great shape.

Before penning this blog, I looked far and wide to see if much had been written about this topic and surprisingly very little exists.

Often times we find that the problem is a mix of:

  • the business owner doesn’t understand accounting and therefore provide the right scrutiny
  • the business has outgrown the capabilities of its finance manager
  • weak external oversight by the external accountant

The following signs should help in alerting you to potential problems in this critical function of your business:

  1. Your finance manager doesn’t take holidays – or only takes short breaks
  2. Keeps a very close team and resists any external help – even resists hiring new help
  3. Erratic reporting
  4. Late or excuse-laden reporting
  5. Defensiveness to any probe
  6. Scapegoating and blaming others for errors or late reporting
  7. Sales are strong yet constantly running short of cash

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