Professional Advisory Board

Professional Advisory Board

From Entrepreneurial towards Professional Governance

A Professional Advisory Board comprises former CEOs and key executives with industry knowledge who bring experience, contacts and constructive feedback to the owner and his or her management team.

A Professional Advisory Board will provide the thinking required to get your business to the next level.

Other reasons why owners have adopted the Professional Advisory Board, include:

“I want to make consistently good decisions, but I have no peers to talk to or to tell me if I am headed in the wrong direction”

“I tried a personal business coach but needed something with more teeth”

“The world is getting more and more complex. I cannot see all the problems or opportunities. I need experienced, talented people to bounce things off with”

“We needed to change the way we did business. If we had not, we could have failed. We needed outside ideas and strong mentors to push us to change”

“We wanted to sell the business on the best terms possible. It took 3 years but the advisory board got us there by pushing us to design an exit plan and make the tough decisions”

A Professional Advisory Board is not:

  • A group of insiders such as the suburban accountant, lawyer or family members
  • A gathering of mates from the golf-club
  • A statutory board with fiduciary responsibilities, liabilities or authority

A carefully chosen Professional Advisory Board of wise, successful and independent business people who are committed to your business success will help you with many of the issues you face as Owner or CEO:

  • Grow sales and profitability
  • Position your company to be an attractive acquisition target
  • Facilitate and mediate a family transition
  • Provide wise counsel to the CEO – a personal sounding board
  • Help raise capital – debt or equity
  • Mediate shareholder issues – including issues around family members
  • Devise a growth strategy either organically via innovation or eternally via acquisition
  • Increase accountability

We will help:

  • engage the very best board members and ensure a fit to your current mandate;
  • ensure they share your vision and values;
  • publish a charter to keep the board on task;
  • keep your board refreshed as new thinking is required;
  • workshop with the board a Winning Strategy that addresses your single most important strategic problem/opportunity,
  • build the executive dashboards to monitor strategy, and
  • monitor the performance of the board itself.

If you are considering an advisory board please talk to us first. It is very difficult to undo what has been done when we are called in after a board has been appointed. Use the get in touch form below and we will get back to you via email or phone.