Our 2nd Focus Area


Do you have the right people doing the right things in your company? Or are there square pegs in round holes? Do your people have both the skill and will to be peak performers? Are they happy and engaged? These questions and more will be resolved during the People section.

Here we evaluate ALL your key people internally as well as relationships surrounding your business. Customers, investors and financiers, vendors, advisors (accountants, lawyers, consultants and coaches).

If you have had a failed consulting engagement previously, chances are the People piece wasn’t addressed in the first instance.

A business cannot grow profitably without the right people, internal or external. You cannot grow if you have not identified those customers whom you enjoy serving and who are prepared to pay handsomely for your products and services.

We deploy a set of tools that includes, job scorecards for your key managers as well as process and function accountabilities. Other tools could include on-line Sales Leader Boards by individual. Everyone is accountable from the top to the bottom. Even deCONSTANTIN has a job scorecard!

Within weeks people will start to play to their strengths. All employees will have a clear line of sight to their goals and the company scorecard. You will be positioned (with data) to give recognition and show your appreciation with individual team members; which fosters engagement and retention of your high performers. You may find you have to pay people more, but end up hiring fewer people.