Our 1st Focus Area


A rock solid financial platform is required for your profitable growth. Shaky foundations will bring us unstuck when we start to build skywards.

Here we undertake a thorough examination of your Financials to ensure the numbers stack up. We also value your business with our Defensible Valuation Model, which has stood up to the most discerning external scrutiny, whether investor, financier or buyer. This valuation provides a baseline for growing your business during and beyond our engagement. We re-measure your business valuation quarterly during our engagement. Note – if the business has any financial distress we go deeper into the Financials.

The issue we find time and time again is that owners and shareholders don’t have the visibility they seek into their own Financials. Few owners of mid-large private businesses are trained accountants; this can breed complacency within your financial team and slack processes and reporting. Or worse, as we discovered with one client, a case of fraud.

A warning – your Financial Controller is unlikely to be our biggest fan in the first few weeks of the engagement. If they have nothing to hide, and are not letting down the side, their position is safe.

From this, you will have peace of mind that your Financials (and its custodians) are all good. Other benefits are cost reductions, increased free cash flow, asset and loan restructuring and an analysis of your inventories, receivables and payables.