Our 4th Focus Area


A business that is not executing well and lacks discipline, is forever fighting fires. Late shipments, wrong invoices or someone missed an important sales meeting (and deal). Everyone seems to be spending too much time fixing things that should have been done right the first time. “I don’t have time to do this right the first time, but I do have time to do it again.”  As a result, the business is likely generating less than industry-average profitability.

This section is more than just the discipline of executing Strategy from the previous section. It is about ensuring ALL main processes are drama-free, and driving your profitable growth.

If your business is disciplined and executing well, you can expect 2-3 times industry profit margins. This claim alone should be sufficient to catch your attention.

So, what happens in this section? We start to implement our checklist of the fundamental habits that are essential to good discipline and execution. Note these habits cannot be embedded overnight. It will take a good 2-3 years to fully embed all of them, however the benefits are immediate once we start.

For example, does your leadership team allow for open dialogue and constructive conflict to occur? Are crucial conversations being had? Do leadership team members know how to have a crucial conversation or does politics prevent this? Has your leadership team got what our team calls the “kiss of yes” syndrome?

Most business owners who have engaged consultants in the past, complain that nothing ever got done. Things were not executed fully. Therefore, this section is crucial. We place a truckload of time and effort (and our reputation) on getting execution and discipline working in your business, but it doesn’t happen overnight.

A disciplined business has a rythym less profitable businesses don’t.